The 13th Street Community Park & Garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by a volunteer board of directors and supported by people like you. Our board members are residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We also rely on countless volunteers for park and garden maintenance, event planning, and support. If you are interested in serving on the board or volunteering, please contact us at

The 2019 Board Members are:

Richard Lukas


Michael Schrum

Vice President

Maggie Adams


Debra Baugh


Ashley Hayslip

Garden Coordinator

Dana Lichtenberg

Park Coordinator



Plot 1:  Kentucky Courts Communal

Plot 2:  Kentucky Courts Communal

Plot 3:  Ashley – (April, June, July, September, November)

Plot 4:  Richard – (April, May, July, August, October, November)

Plot 5:  Corey – (April, June, July, September)

Plot 6:  Barbara – (April, May, August, September, October)

Plot 7:  Katie Brooks (August)

Plot 8:  Steve and Scott – (June, Flex Day, November)

Plot 9:  Jennifer and Teri – (April, May, June)

Plot 10:  Djeinam – (June, Flex Day, November)

Plot 11:  Michael – (AprilMay, July)

Plot 12:  Sumie (May, June, August)

Plot 13:  Tanya (April, August)


Sunday Beautification Day Calendar:

April 14,  May 5,  June 16,  July 14

August 11,  September 8,  October 13,  November 10