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The 13th Street Community Park & Garden is a community effort. The space was founded by neighbors and is run and maintained by volunteers like you! If you have questions about the park, have an idea for an event, or would like to help us keep the space beautiful, please contact us at

Get involved!

The 13th Street Community Park & Garden exists because of the hard work and dedication of neighborhood residents. There are numerous ways you can get involved and help keep this beautiful and welcoming space flourishing! Check our Facebook page and calendar for announcements about special events and gatherings in the park.

Sunday Beautification Days

Please join your neighbors on the second Sunday of each month to help with park cleanup and maintenance. Check our events listing for upcoming dates and meeting times.

Plan an Event

If you have an idea for an event that would benefit the park and the community, please contact us.


The 13th Street Community Park & Garden is a registered D.C. non-profit corporation with IRS Section 501(c)(3) status, which makes your contributions tax deductible. We also welcome in-kind donations of gardening supplies or other materials.

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